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Uploading a jpg or psd file to a seller for a gig

I have just purchased a gig and I am trying to upload a jpg and a psd file of the image i want to use for the book cover. I am getting an error message. How do I get the seller to start the work if I can’t get the file to them? Had no problems downloading 14 jpgs and 14 psds from another seller so it is not my internet that is the issue. HELP! Posted a problem ticket but I get a response saying maybe 2 day response. I paid 1 day service for the gig I can’t load a file to.

Try Firefox Browser instead of using Chrome!

At times chrome too gives error when uploading or else you can try to upload the files on the PM to seller (attachment)

Try ZIP the file and then upload

Also , be sure Your file is no more then Max size 30MB…:slight_smile:


Also, try not to use extension in file name. At times, this gives error as well.

As a buyer I ran into this issue, was sure I had less than 30MB total, and it turned out to be the file name, as daaanish mentioned. The name had (1) in it and that seemed to cause a problem. Deleted that part of the image title and it uploaded perfectly.