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Uploading a mp3 file to a private message

Hi All!
I’m trying to upload 2 mp3 files to a private message, the file are about 1MB each file.
After some minutes I received a message saying that my files exceed 1GB, which is really not the case.

Can anyone help me?


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You could report it as a bug through the helpdesk.
You could also try sending 1 file per message instead of both together. Assuming you’ve double checked the file sizes.

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Thank you very much @uk1000
I’ve actually already tried to upload them separately, even compressing in zipped files.
But it’s not working.

I’ll try to report the bug as you sugfest to the helpdesk!
Thanks a lot!

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Try to upload from different browser.
worked for me once.

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did you try with fiverr app?

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Actually not… thanks for the tip @shairaamjad :slight_smile:
I’ll try now and let you know.

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@shairaamjad, thank you the app worked perfeclty.
Now I’m waiting for the support, in any case, since I have to deliver an order and as far as I see I can’t deliver the order using the app…so I hope it will be fixed asap.

Thanks again

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I’ve tried Chrome and Firefox… no chance :frowning:

you are most welcome :heartpulse:


Hi All,
just for your information, I’ve finally solved.
It seems there was a bug affecting my profile.

I’ve opened a ticket to the Support. They been very kind and helpful, giving me some work-around actions and finally solving my issue.

Thanks everybody for your kind help.

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