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Uploading a video did NOT increase sales for me. Read on

Hi everyone

I just wanted to share my experience with having a video on one of my gigs.

I’ve been selling for over a year and over the past 3 months my conversion rate has been increasingly going up reaching almost 20% which was great. So, I started thinking of ways of increasing it even more… and one of the first things that came to mind was to upload a video. Fiverr says that having a video increases the chances of making a sale with 220%. Now, i wonder how they actually calculate that?

Anyway, I had my video up for 6 days and my conversion rate went down to nearly 12%. That’s an awful decrease which obviously translated in 2-3 orders less a day!

I have removed the video now and hopefully over the next week I will see an increase again.

Over to you, do you have a video on your gig? Did it help you convert more customers?

p.s. Here’s the link to my video if anyone’s interested

I’ve been sitting on the fence with videoifying my gigs due to the fear of this happening to me - you aren’t the first person to come on here saying that adding a video actually decreased sales/conversion rate.

adversity said: you aren't the first person to come on here saying that adding a video actually decreased sales/conversion rate.

I will say this, a bad video (ie. super rushed, bad lighting, trying to find the words, bad explanation of what the Gig even is or video structure with no beginning, middle and end) is 10x's worse than no video at all. It says a lot... it's supposed to be THE video for your Gig. I would make me nervous about the type of work the seller is content with delivering when they didn't even show any effort into their Gig's explainer video.

But let me be very clear, I do not expect everyone to have studio lighting and a professional camera, but a simple video with a nice greeting with your similing, happy, positive and professional face talking about your particular Gig, the extras offered, and etc. is more than enough to generate sales. This works not only are people are geared to trust faces (it makes individuals feel more comfortable) but people like seeing who they're going to be working with.

Treat each video like you'd be delivering an order - if it does not reflection the level of professionalism/quality of service you want customers to show your customers just wait till you have the time to create one!

I agree with you to an extend. If you’re going to have a video, at least make sure it’s well done. However, I don’t believe that each and every gig has to have a video. For services like Testimonials and where people talk in front of a camera, that’s essential. But in my case it’s not that important.

Some people might have added a video since the very beginning when they’ve created their gig and never got any orders and have already given up. I wonder if such cases exist.

How do we have a video? I mean must we talk in front of camera or like a presentation? What is the better, I’m going to add a video with my voice explaining, Description & one of my Photoshop work fast forwarding! How will be it?

Can you give some advice & Check my gig to make sure adding video will increase or decrease my sales.