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Uploading error, can't deliver order

Tried both uploders, i don’t want to keep my customer waiting.

What the hell is this supposed to be?

Have you reported this to our customer support team ?

if not you can do so here: to have someone take a look at your issue.

Fiverr Customer Support

I’m having the same problem, I’m going to contact CS buyer is very very pissed

If you remove the file after the error does it upload for the second time?

Reply to @yohanadarsh:

One thing I just figured out today is that it appears Fiverr is quite insistent that if there’s a form box blank, by golly, you had better put some words in that form.

I ordered a gig from someone who had 5 different form blocks and kept getting error messages saying the order was incomplete until I went in and filled in ALL of the blank boxes with text. Dumb programming, but that was the workaround for me.

That could be your network can use dropbox know? contact Customer Support

Iv had that problem too! I just used google drive to deliver the order and attached the link. Its super annoying and I have no clue what caused it! Let me know if anyone figures it out :slight_smile: