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Uploading files

Hey i have problem in uploading files back to the buyers!

they can sent any size they want but i can send them back files if the size of it over then 1.6 MB it’s show me that it’s loading but never tell that is ready to send! what should i do ??

Try turning on your live portfolio. A small preview of the file you’re about to send will pop up when it’s finished loading.

Then, google ‘ookla speedtest,’ if that doesn’t work. See what your upload times are. If your upload times are down, you might be waiting a while to send a larger file.

I can’t upload files in Word, Text, or PDF to Fiverrs… Can anyone PLEASE help me… I have a MAC computer, thank you

Try to make your files a zip archive, and then upload the archive. If it doesn’t work, then write your problem to Fiverr Support.