Uploading my video demo to my Fiverr gig


How would I put a short video demo on what I will offer my clients?


Go to MY GIGS, edit the GIG you want to add the video to.
Then head to gallery (same spot you put your GIG picture in).
This is where you will have the option to add your video.



Thanks, I’ll try that. :wink:


Dear Tim:

Your video should be between 30 and 60 seconds in length, no larger than 50 MB.

It’s considered a good idea to show and tell the phrase, “Exclusively on Fiverr” in your video.


Good luck,

Also, you can choose the snapshot of your video that Buyers see when looking at your video. There are screenshots showing how near the end of this thread:
Improve My Gig Checklist


Thanks, I’ll review the time to see if it fits. Thanks again.