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Uploading Probs etc

Posted regarding this in the “Report a Bug” category But…1. My files won’t upload to send my seller after purchasing a gig. It just says “uploading” in red letters but gets “stuck” and never uploads the file. 2, When I open my prior messages, the type from all my past messages are are run together and the page looks like gibberish. It’s hard to describe but all messages are run together and almost unreadable. 3. I want to contact customer support regarding these issues, but when I hit the green “submit” tab, my message to them won’t transmit! All very weird. I haven’t used Fiverr in awhile, but it had worked very well for me in the past. Frustrating for sure. I’ve tried deleting cookies etc.

Are you using Chrome? It sounds like a connection problem or a browser problem but I don’t know. If you try a different browser it might help.

I have a Mac & using Safari. Just funny because it used to work well. Thanks for the tip

Update…You’re my hero, Crystal! I downloaded & began using Chrome and now Fiverr, including uploading files, is working perfectly. Much faster browsing too. Now I can stop my whining lol. Thanks very much!


I’m glad you got it fixed. You’re welcome.

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