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Uploading video issue


Hello guys I’m new here anyway i upload the video, the message was (complete) but the save and continue button was inactive!

i pressed refresh! i saw the video uploaded successfully and i tried it it was working good!

i left my upload page and now I’m in my home page but NO video found :confused:

i tried to re upload the video but the (upload video) icon changed now to (cancel upload) icon :confused: as if its still uploading!

what that means?

and please i need to know when you guys upload your videos you see it appear on your page immediately or it take several days to appear?



Hi @dinashaker. Welcome to Fiverr!

It sounds like your video is probably still in the “pending” phase. Generally it has to be reviewed by Fiverr before they let it be released as an active component of your profile. I think this is to ensure that all videos comply with the Fiverr Terms of Service.

My best advice for you would be to sit tight in a day or so, and check out your main gig page during that time. I’d expect your video will show up fairly soon.

Hope this helps!