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Upranking fiverr search level 2 seller - story of confusion!?


So lets start with this crazy rollercoster story… I opened my fiver account about a year ago but never gave it a true chance until August 2020 when I really started working on my gigs. One gig was particulary successful and I became a level 2 seller in no time!

Infact I was always in top 8 positions when searching for keywords that I think I should rank for! But I had one problem…I underpriced my gigs to get the first customers. Once becoming a level 2 seller I did some changes on my gig - nothing in particular just prices change and packet rewording… This was a result! :smile: I went from 1000+ impressions per day to 0 that held up for a week :smile:

After contacting Fiverr support team they said they that everything is ok and they manually confirmed my gig to show in search.

Result was a drop in Fiverr search for main keyword to page 11! (from page 1 TOP 8 positions). Also I feel like I am in some kind of test inviroment because impressions are jumping up and down like crazy! I go from 200 per day to 800 per day and back to 200… so one day I get 5-6 sales and another day 0 which corelates with impressions. As if one day I am higher on the page than another.

So the bottom line is - a level 2 seller with 400+ sales in a gig and 200+ positive reviews for it shows up only in page 11 and sometimes hits higher.

I have been tracking positions for 2 months now and I am always there - so how can I climb up the fiverr search once again without changing my gig which previously resulted in loosing position!? :smile:

I am mainting 100% response rate, 100% delivery on time, and my order completition is over 95%…


Man, it really is disheartening hearing experiences like this. I need 1 more order and I will achieve level 2, but will all the hard work be worth it? It seems like it comes with zero benefits.


Well I dont know.

To be honnest it helped me a lot from financial side so for me it is worth it!

I just need to figure out how to get back to position I was before. Fiverr support giving me generic answers on that how should I maintain high percentage of ontime deliveries and response rates.

But main question - what was the reason I droped 11 pages because changing price - that I never get an answer to. Also I understand if I would not be getting orders now but it seems like when they put me higher for short period of time I always get high number of orders.

And now that I am following my competition - people with gigs that had 10-15 sales back then are on page 1 first positions in the same place I was 3 months ago and getting all the sweets :slight_smile: its not that I dont think they dont deserve it - they are working probably as hard as me - but what is so different betwen us that I have to be on page 11 that is one thing I can not understand :slight_smile:


because you already had your time to be on top for quite some time :wink:
Fiverr is rotating gigs, and any placement is not constant. And you should never rely your income just on Fiverr algorithm.


Check this out:

And this: [Guide] How to Rank Your Gig for Better Results on Fiverr


But this is what I am talking about! Don`t know how well you read my first post :slight_smile: My proffession is SEO optimization. I specialize in ETSY but I also work google SEO so I know what means to uprank in searches and theoreticaly how to do it.

After a lot of work my gig came to page 1. But after editing something in the gig that is even not SEO related - i just changed my packages how many items I work on for certain ammount - my gig went to page 11.

Basicaly what this means is, when you edit a gig, Fiverr considers it as a new GIG and you start again from the bottom.

They were trying to convince me that looks like some sellers caught up with me and surpased me and I should work on my gig…by seriously… from page 1 to page 11 in 1 week? :smile:

There are 48 gigs per page when doing a search. So what Fiverr support team is trying to convince me is that 488 gigs are suddenly doing better than me in SEO in just a week :smiley:

Just if I take a look at page 11 and compare my gig to my competitiors there is no “healthy logic” why I am under them :smile:

the one on the right even copied my gig :smile: :smiley: :smiley:

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It’s pretty normal for you to drop in the search after editing your gig. Right after editing it, it is pulled from the search results temporarily while it is being approved. I always drop in the rankings for a week or so after editing the gig, whether that’s the pricing, the picture, or just the text description. Then it goes back to normal soon after. I’m level 2 as well.

On top of this, they move the gig positionings around frequently to give other sellers a chance to get sales. This is very very frequent and changes all the time, which is why there’s aaaalways posts about “I was on the first page and now I’m on the 10th page!” in the forums. It all evens out eventually.


I would also think that droping rankings is normal aftee edit…but this is not taking for 2 months straight :slight_smile:

And if this is true what you say about rotating the gigs - what is then the point of doing SEO? If its not counted for and fiverr gives another seller a shot?

I mean in normal world - like google or etsy - they calculate relevancy of your page or listing. What this means is they randomly expose one or two websites for certain keywords to see how they are performing, and if they are perfoeming good (good ctr, conversion,…) they start to climb in search results higher and higer because they see its a relevant page.

They dont just put 50 other gigs in first place and hit the top sellers dow n - its not logical, fiverr lives from sales and itd in their best interest to have top sellers on top. Thats why they are testing all the time if any other gig maybe is capable of becoming a top seller.

But this is just mine opinion - if you have any topics about rotation that fiverr support team wrote about (and not just users) please let me know so I wont bother with SEO anymore :smile:

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There are topics and there are screenshots where CS confirmed it.

Fiverr is not google. They have their own algorithm that takes into account much more complex thing than just “relevancy”.



Hello everyone,
I once again contacted them regarding the same issue, thought maybe they have changed their policies now but no. Below is their response.

Please bear in mind that Gigs shifting their position is something that happens on our Platform on a daily level. This is because we want to achieve diversity and give all sellers equal opportunities to get orders, as well as enable buyers to find the services they need easier.

Position change can also happen due to many other factors, such as seller’s overall performance, ratings, number of completed orders, etc, which is why the position of your Gigs cannot be manually altered.

Hope this helps you all. Thanks

The above is from the topic I gave you above.


Thanks. This is very helpful for me. :heart_eyes:

@faceless1 there is nothing you can do about it. I asked the same thing from CS like @lloydsolutions has mentioned my post link. We cant do anything. Look for other options. How long did you got the exposure? You have a point but we cant do anything,

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Hello! I am not an expert, I’ve been here on Fiverr since Sept. 2020, but here is what I know and what I learned from these past months…

Fiverr’s Gig rotation
like @mariashtelle1 told you, Fiverr rotates gigs. They do this to give other new sellers the opportunity to get be seen and get some orders. Your reviews, your profile, your level and your income has nothing to do with your position in the search page. So nope, the 488 gigs that are above yours are not doing better than you in SEO, they’re there because of Fiverr’s gig rotation. One day you can be at the top and the next you can appear on the last pages.

You got it, there’s no healthy logic in Fiverr’s gig ranking. :slight_smile:

Editing of gigs
I am not 100% sure about this, but I read somewhere that when you apply modifications to your gigs, they won’t appear in the search page for a couple of days. This is why there are some posts in the forum that advice not to modify the gigs too often, but again, I am not 100% sure about this.

Now, the question is, should you worry and stress over it? I don’t think so. You have achieved so much in just few months and I’m sure you have won your customers’ trust and have already built your name and profile here on Fiverr. So you can rely on your returning buyers and your grown-up profile. One day you’ll find yourself at the top again, due to Fiverr’s gig rotation. That’s how this platform works, so…

Thanks. But if SEO is not important if you are rotated randomly. Why bother then? :slight_smile:

Well I was on top for 2 months, and now I am seeing that same stores are on top for 3 months allready so this is probably not that straight forward as you are talking about :slight_smile:

I know I was doing good and got my name, but I went from 6-8 orders per day to 1-2 and I see that the top stores are getting a lot more orders (as I did befoe) as they went from 20 reviews to 120.

Sure i am sometimes moved higher and that is when my orders jump but thats just a day or two. Its not constant as it was or as it is for my competitors

Well, you tell us why you still bother :wink:
Fiverr doesn’t say anything about seo so I’m not sure why you keep coming back to “but SEO”

Then don’t you think that you just got a boost from Fiverr as many new sellers and that’s why you managed to prove yourself and get orders


I face same problem from 2021. After becoming level two seller I lose my gig impression , click, gig rank and order. I am depress about this what happen with me!

My response rate, on-time delivery rate and order completion rate 100%. Positive Rating 5 star.

Hope one day I will back my everything.