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Ups and Downs, Boons and Luls - Sound Familiar?

I’m just getting into another lull, dull time without work. I get a bunch of orders almost on the same day and I get them all done super quick, and then I don’t have any orders for a while. I get 5 stars, and really do all I can do for each gig offer. I flex my limits on words, often doing more work than initially stated especially with the article gig. Whatever fits for the best results really. Have you experienced this? What did you do with your spare time?

The lulls always seem to come during wet and windy nights when you have nothing else to do, and the peaks when you’re rushed off your feet with life, don’t you find?

I’m trying to get involved in other projects away from Fiverr now. I’m submitting a lot more writing to certain websites like Ezine and Squidoo to get customers from elsewhere. I’m also working on a website, though that’s still in the early stages.

Plus there’s always the forum. :slight_smile: