Ups & Downs


hello fiverr ppl. I have a question about my sales.

When I created my gigs I got no response for a while and then one day

I got a big surge of traffic (sales and messages) I made over $100 that day. I was very pleased.

So, I’m wondering if anyone has some insight as to what may have happened to cause this? Why was there such a rush and now I’m left with only repeat customers from that day. Which is great and I’m happy to have them. But, I just think its a little odd.

Thanks in advance for any help. It is very much appreciated.


Thank you for the replies. I actually planned on removing that Gig and just got busy. I have removed it now tho. I like to write so I feel like that should be the focus for all my Gigs. I mean other than stuff like what I know about seo or Google +. Those can be be tutorial videos and I guess a video intro would be ok on those right? I don’t know how well those kind of things do here so maybe its not worth having the gig. I will add a profile image too. I only recently noticed that option. Thanks again.