Upselling extras on a completed order?


I tried upselling stock photos using getty images to one of my buyers but she declined my offer. A few days later, she changed her mind and now wants the images. Problem is, the order has already been marked as complete so I cant offer her the gig extras. Is there a way around this? Please help


If an order is completed then there is no way to offer extras. You’ll need to open a new order for that.
On the other hand, I don’t know if you’re allowed to re-sell stock photos from Getty Images, please read their ToS in order to be sure that you’re not doing something not allowed :+1:


Wish they would allow it on closed orders :frowning:

About the Getty images., Here is an excerpt from the academy

The Stock Extra is offered in partnership with Getty Images®. This Extra is available for purchase on the Gig page, and sellers can also upsell it to buyers using the “Offer more extras” feature.

Here’s the process:

When buyers order the Stock Extra, sellers can select a Getty Images® stock photo from the gallery and download it to use in that order.  
Sellers receive 25% of each Stock Extra, or $2.50 per image.
This Extra is managed on the Gig Edit page.