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I don’t know who put this website link to Fragile Rock or Fragil Rock, (not sure how to spell it) on my forum post, but I do not appreciate that. Whoever did it must know I’m a newbie here. I received another link from the “Forum Sherrif” advising me not to post links in the forum which I already knew about, so why would I do that?

Anway, I want you and everyone else to know that just because I’m new, does not mean take advantage of me or others who are trying to do the same things you are on this site.

Instead of causing problems, be a solution to it. I deleted the website link and the the link/post left by the “Forum Sherrif”, because I did not post that link. Thank you

[Sheriffs Note: Do not delete “Sheriffs Notes” that display on your posts. Thank you.]


Reply to @madmoo: Links not allowed on forum? didn’t notice any fragglesrock :frowning:


Fraggles Rock is quite the show.


Reply to @lefttowrite: Isn’t it just?!


I am sorry you are having a hard time around the forums. My suggestion that is you have any doubt about what can be posted or not posted, contact Customer Support or send one of the sheriffs a private message. It was not personal and I am sorry you took it that way. we love all the newbies around here because at one point all of us were newbies