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Uptick in Phishing scams

Hello everyone,
I want to take this post to remind everyone to never click on a random link in a Fiverr message from a buyer or seller you do not know. Be aware of google, bitly and other link shorteners that could potentially open you up to scammers taking your login information. If you ever have a question about a link, please take the time to send a request to support and we can verify for you.


In other words, people don’t fall for the bait :fishing_pole_and_fish:, when in doubt contact Customer Support. Don’t :running_woman: run to the forum posting the harmful links, go to Support.


just received a spam message :pensive:


Thanks for the information.


@sajedulshawon1, it’s against the forum rules to post the username of the buyer, please stick to the guidelines. I know how eager you are to tell everyone who is the scammer, but it isn’t allowed.


Thanks for this message, Everyone should be concern about this issue.
i can remember i got an link which embed with an exe file. Thats very dangerous i guess

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Thanks for giving us the information about phishing.

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Please fix the fact that this spam messages count towards our response rate.


Thank you very much for sharing this Post :+1::+1:

Thanks so much for info :+1:


@mjsen415 so you do verify links for us?
Quite impressive

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Thank you so much for informing us.

@mjensen415 thats random i guess seems not everyone got that scam offer but for precaution is better confirm it with fiverr staff or cs before responding any further if got that kind of message . it could be worst if hacker or scammer got the data they are looking for.

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By mistake i gave the information they needed and then changed my password and security question. Although there was not even a penny in there :rofl::rofl: but still I am concerned and contacted customer support


well is not always about money involved in phising thing. they sometimes use data for inappropriate action like misused it for example thats what we avoid for .

Ooooh i changed the password and all lets see what happens now…

yes change passwd is good thing :slight_smile: to do

Thanks for that, much appreciated.

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Wouldn’t it hurt seller’s response rate to wait for confirmation from CS?