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Upwork account scam?

Is anyone else getting messages from users, suggesting you make an upwork account for them, in return, they will give you a monthly sum? I know this is some sort of scam, but just curious to know what their intentions are?


I’ve gotten that several times over the past two years. I think lots of people who post on the forum must get that.

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Yup, me three (20 characters)

I just had my first buyer scammer wanting to use my Upwork account. Do people really fall for this scam? The scammer would not tell me in the Fiverr message, he gave me a link to view that had the whole scam typed up. I remained on Fiverr for the conversation and told him I was using my Upwork account, sorry. The scammer has not sent me another message.


Report the scammer to Customer Support.


yes two in 7 days :expressionless:

this must be getting worse. I joined Fiverr 4 days ago and i have been getting 2 to 3 pings like this a day.
how should these be reported?

There is two buttons to report and spam in inbox. Use one of these. See attached.spam_help

It sounds like this person has found a way to make it stop.

really!!! i don’t know about that!!
thanks a lot!!! @bryce_herbst

Yes, I get those two. I can always tell because they use the same script over and over.

thank you for the help :slight_smile: