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Upwork-like Two-way Rating System

Reviews are a great way to keep yourself accountable on how good of a service you’re providing but I believe it should be two-way. Like on Upwork, I think the buyer review should be hidden until seller have given his/her review + buyer should have a “Buyer’s rating” or something of that sort on their account we can read the reviews, just so we can get an idea with type of client we’re dealing and how to handle/talk to them. It’ll highly improve the service standards + give us (the sellers) little less to nag about :slight_smile:


Yeah!! good point… Also it will reduce a lot of scammers.


Precisely, and hiding buyer review until seller give their will ensure that buyer won’t give low rating just for being angry by getting low rating by buyer.

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Good point but that would amount to copying/stealing of another company’s intellectual right. Every business needs to be unique on its own. Fiverr is unique in its own way.

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Unless it’s patented technology, I don’t think so. Being Unique doesn’t always means it’s for the better, sometimes, it’s better to fit in then stand out

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It would reduce scammers, but not people who do paypal chargebacks. That closes your account automatically.


a very nice :bulb: idea hope fiverr will implement this

Buyer ratings would be even more valuable if sellers had the right to decline an order in the first 24 hours. Then bad buyers would be forced off the platform because nobody would be willing to work with them.


Many happy buyers don’t will to review the order now. If this suggestion gets implemented, buyer will be serious about giving a review to the sellers.

I doubt that they can/will do this as whole idea of Fiverr is Work on demand. And if seller can cancel the order (and the will) it’ll become a little redundant but I for one really want the option to decline order. Some buyers are impossible to work with

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Would love to hear some official response from a Fiverr staff member :slight_smile:

Fiverr staff very rarely respond to posts…it would be nice, but unlikely.

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There’s another thread from 2 years ago requesting the same thing, but no one takes it in consideration.

Maybe it was taken into consideration, and Fiverr just chose not to implement it. We do not know what Fiverr chooses to do behind the scenes. Please do not assume that, just because you don’t see new features that YOU want when you want them, Fiverr hasn’t talked about them at their features meetings.