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URGENT ADVICE needed; BR issue


Yes, it is urgent. I posted BR request ( I KNOW!!) and I CLEARLY wrote:

a) do not send me messages in the inbox
b) my budget is flexible, please put your own price for this task/service (I put 50$ as starting price)
c) do not send an offer without reading the entire client brief


Usually, my BR takes a day to approve, but this time it was approved in a minute so I got notifications blasting in the right corner of my monitor.

I just got 50 offers, none of them read my client brief.

How do I know? They are sending offers of 5$ and it is a minimum 8 hours of work if you know Photoshop and Google search (I even provided links to reference files and videos).

Tell me should I accept those 5$ offers and get my work done cheap (LOL, probably not gonna deliver, but hey) or should I ignore them?

So far 10 people sent me identical messages just changed their profile name at the end, so it is a template response.

Seller in me is sad, I DID MY PART, DIDN’T I? I sent specifics and wrote a note PUT YOUR PRICE, my budget is flexible.

but the buyer in me wants to buy from 7 of them for 5$, worst-case scenario none of them delivers and I get my money back. In best-case scenario I get 7× of stuff for my original BASIC STARTING POINT budget.
This is the offer that made me consider accepting it.


I am also getting messages in inbox… ah…

But, also eventually they will read my brief, realize how much needs to be done, and most likely cancel.

So, what to do?

Oh, and BTW none of the offers so far are from “normal” sellers.

By normal I mean:

a) read my request
b) read my PDF attached
c) sent detailed offer with listing what is included


You willingly poked the hornet’s nest of BR as a seller. :grimacing: Try your best not to get stung.

Don’t be placated by any smooth talk. I’d start reporting anyone and everyone directly messaging me in such a circumstance. You gave fair notice for prospective sellers not to do so and they don’t seem to care, endangering your response rate.


I accepted one offer and after 5 minutes I see this in corner…

he sent the offer and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I am actually standing behind my desk now, trying not to scream…

I am not angry, I am just sad.

This platform has so much potential and look at this, all of these sellers wasting offers.

My Request
Hello. My name is Marina. I am kindly asking you to read the entire attachment file before sending your offer. Do not contact me in Inbox. I will read each offer sent and once I accept your offer I will require once a day update on the progress of work. I need a couple of specific PSD templates with setup for batch export from data taken from Excel files.

Keep your offer delivery time realistic and also do not send a price lower than you actually want. My budget is flexible. Kind regards, Marina

4 days Delivery Budget: $50


So a friend’s birthday is coming up and I am suffering from a writer’s block (not sure how I keep pushing on for work but for now it just slows me down). I was like 'fine, I’ll see how other writers are doing on here, might as well set up a BR.


Yeah. Same result - well, I didn’t get all that many ‘I’ll do it for 5 bucks’ but about 35 out of 40 were completely off (someone offered to write XXX for my friend’s birthday, someone said they’ll film something for her - the rest were writers but pretty far off from what I was looking for! I ended up with a writer who did OK (although she wrote a fanfic, which was not what I originally wanted, but fanfiction is still sacred to me so… ) the other candidate I wasn’t very happy with during messaging so I didn’t order from them.

But yeah, it does seem like that’s how it is on here… I’m not surprised anymore to be fair.
(I also got someone message me and when I told them that I’m not sure I’d order writing from someone who can’t write ‘translate’ properly - I was nicer I swear!) they sent me their number to contact them on (and correct their gigs I guess?)

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Oh no, Marina. I’d say abort the order right now. This can only end in disaster.

He has 4 days, and I get nothing by having 7,25$ back to my account.

But I wish now my point of view is more acceptable to people here on the forum when it comes to “low budget BR” or asking for space ship for 5$.

I did say I will never put more than 5$ in that last topic out of principle, but I just could not do it, I thought 50-100$ is realistic for 1 day work.

But none of the offers are directing me into thinking “Oh, he/she knows how to do this, I will get what I have asked for”.

So next time if I put 5$ budget it is not my budget that is 5$ it is them.

Pure and simple. Sellers of the Fiverr.

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Is it a kind of program? Auto fill the psd with xcel data ?

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Basically in Photoshop you can set that he combines images from one folder and text from Excel columns and exports them as photos. In one click you can have 150 IG posts ready.

This is possible and I did it before, but I have a client now who wants banner for Texas and I am struggling for a week now a lot because I am not from USA plus I need to make sure there is nothing controversial on it, racist, that I use proper shade of blue and red so it is stressful and I wanted to outsource this PSD template and image search. .



Guessing you actually need PS custom action, right?

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And proper images cropped to 1080, but even that can be done by action.

I can do all this, I am literally outsourcing because this is repetitive task ( I have 4 excels and 4 collections of photos) and I have to work on creative design and I need my head 100% clear. I am staring at the Texas flag for 8 days now.

Exactly my situation.
I need USA style Texas banner and my brain is a pure white blank background.

I was never this clueless about design.

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If I had PS, I would totally offer to do. I have no problem with repetitive tasks, especially with a good background soundtrack.


I’d rather forget about BR, ridiculous. “Just accept my offer and relax about the rest.” :joy:

Maybe contact “photoshop action” service providers directly with your requirement. There are some available with no orders in queue at the moment…

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I can’t vet them now, and engage in conversation when all is clear in PDF. The whole point was to get back at staring at Texas flag, as fast as I can.

I will accept couple of 5$ and 10$ offers up to 50$ and just let it go, what happens, happens. I am in no rush to get it fast, it is Easter soon.


He clearly understood, but he is little confused.

Where does he see image background removal?

And then there is me and how I send offers


Buyer Request feature might be renamed to Punish Me sometimes.

Completely out of your topic → I found an interesting information (to me of course) when reading latest shareholders letter → Females earn 9% more on average than males on Fiverr’s marketplace.

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You know what is your next step on your profile :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I love how it is offering me to translate Hi in English.

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I guess all those sellers who pretend to be young, attractive females might be basing some of their reasoning on statistics? (Although I highly doubt that!)

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Oh no guys/girls


what do I do now???

I am crying internally. He will get banned for this.

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You have no other choice and you know it. :smiley:

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Don’t cry. He willingly handed you the rope to hang himself with.

He is either oblivious to Fiverr TOS, or doesn’t care about Fiverr TOS and is willing to endanger YOUR account as well.