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Urgent! Buyer asking for project file

Please someone just quickly reply.
We are editors working on premiere pro, Our buyer is asking for the project file we worked on. Should we send it?

Trust is the root of all relationships.
Yes send it.

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But , hes saying that for future changes…

You should send it will help

Hello @toplinestudios ,

That is up to you. If you have package where you said for this price you will get source files, then you need to send it.

If not, then you need to speak with client. We all know that is one price when you only give final product and second price when we give final product and source files. And that is situation for almost any business here.

Let me know if I understood you well, :slight_smile:



If you mention source file in your gig you should send it to buyer. if you did not mention it. get extra cost and send it. that is my idea.


You are totally right! Thankx for your help!

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You are welcome! :slight_smile: And I m glad that my advice can help you.