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Urgent! cannot read a message in my inbox

I have received two messages from a user on fiverr twice. The heading of the message reads: "This is to inform you that your user…"

The 2nd message came after 3days of the first and when I tried to open the message, a message appears saying “For privacy reasons, this user cannot be contacted directly”.

I don’t know the content of the message as I couldn’t open it.

Am worried, do I need to contact Admin and how will I go about it? Please I need help.

This is nothing to worry about. Either they hit the “report” button for some unknown reason or if you sent them spam, or their account has been banned for some reason.

The user is probably using banned words like “email” or “money” or “cash,” etc.

I agree with david388. It is most likely some spam.

Alright, thanks all

Some times its good to avoid things as it is totally a spam. stay well

Don’t worry at all. It’s a scam message and you are lucky you couldn’t open it. I’ve gotten at least 5 of them. Here is a little more of what it says (remember - it’s fake):

“This is to inform you that your user registration Winning code numbers are (CM T-76-54-34-87-85-09) File number (B-00546) kindly note your profile account here in has been selected today among the few membership benefited this year” and then it goes on to ask you to email your personal info to their email address. Total scam. You’ll probably get another one and if it isn’t blocked, click report and whatever you do, don’t answer it or send your info anywhere or click any links.

Hi everybody, weeks ago I had the same problem, I didn’t mind at first, but my response rate change from 100% to 92% ! Today I have received another message (from other user) with a custom offer, I can’t answer or refuse the offer, its shows again " For privacy reasons, this user cannot be contacted directly". I am glad Fiverr check spam messages, but I guess this will change my response rate again /:slight_smile:

@emmybeks : even for spam messages you can read them at your email address, i got the copy of every message, every order, modification request, tipped info…everything on my email address.

Check your email, probably you will receive a copy of message there. :smiley:
Just like this!

Hi guys i just got started in fiverr a couple days ago! Can you please check my profile and gigs out. Thank you! - Finademic

Reply to @misscrystal: ok, but the same message came back again today after the 1st message of 23rd July

Reply to @lellina: hmm, i don’t whats wrong with response rate, mine was 92%, i went on vacation this month, during that time i got only one message, i replied after 3 days, and response rate drop to 88%. then after some days it again increases to 91% yesterday.i do respond to all 3 messages that i got, but today it decreases to 80% with no reason.

Hey emmy, I’ve been trying to contact you for some time now. Fivver is so annoying. I don’t believe your receiving any messages from me. This sucks major pain.
-i’ve sent support tickets but no response yet. I figured i could contact you on here. hopefully you get a notication because I’ve tried just about everything.
two things.
-Getting rid of the sk-ype symbol.
-Changes the words pre-approved to Pre-Qualified.