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URGENT changes asked 2 months after completion

I want to maintain my business fair and square. I like returning clients so i always make unlimited changes even long after order is completed.

However, I have one scenario where i completed order in July and made required changes even after client completed order and he was very happy. Now after 2 months he came back for changes. I never said no for changes but i was unavailable due to other commitment so just asked to wait few days. Changes he needed were time consuming and he also needed them urgently in 4-5 days while I even closed all extra fast delivery option & set new order delivery time to 10 days. Now he started saying I promised unlimited changes and threatened that he will change review and complain to fiverr and all.

How much you have pushed yourself as seller and what fiverr suggest seller to do in such scenario? :slight_smile:

As soon as he threatened me with a bad review i would stop communicating with him and contact support. i dont work by threat, especially months later. Let support deal with him.

If you offer unlimited revisions, Customer Support will side with the buyer requesting them even after the order was closed.

I try not to push myself, and I wouldn’t offer unlimited revisions for any reason. That’s trouble waiting to happen.


Dont you think unlimited changes are till order is finalized and not after 2months when buyer change his point of view and ask for complete new design?

It doesn’t matter what I think. I don’t make the decision.

Do you have a clear definition of the revisions you’re willing to do either in the gig description or the gig FAQ? Some explanation what you will do as a part of revision, and what would require a new order? While I agree that demanding a new design isn’t asking for a revision, but asking for something completely new, again, I don’t make the decision, and CS might tell you that you have to keep working on the order until the buyer is fully satisfied, because you promised unlimited revisions.


I have no issue with changes. All i asked is time and he behaved rudely. Let’s see. How customer centric fiverr is :slight_smile:

Pointless threats. There’s no way to change a review, even if it was made a minute ago. Not even if you placed it by accident. Or so I have heard here!

The buyer can’t change the review, but can complain to CS and claim that the work wasn’t finished.

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It was finished. He even praised it a lot multiple times. That i can prove for sure :smiley:

Ain’t unlimited revisions applicable for the time until order closed and we deliver ?
Anyways, I do changes if someone comes back and i am free.

Yes we do the same as we need clients to come back for more and spread good word. But when he becomes stubborn about timing and don’t respect your prior commitment. I don’t think that’s professional.

That’s how it should be, but I’ve read about cases when CS sided with the buyer demanding additional revisions even though the order was already marked as complete.

That’s just one of the reasons why offering unlimited revisions is a bad idea.

Do you want people who will come back months later and demand additional work at no extra cost, though?

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lol i am fine with it. I do so and not all client misuse this option. It brings trust in them and many times they themselves ask to charge extra for extra changes. I offer only premium services at premium price so till now my experience was very good in this term as i got very professional clients. This was my first bad experience where i am fine with changes but not with buyer not being ready to accept extra time and threatening me :slight_smile: