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Urgent! custom offer

Please help me ! how to create a custom offer ?


In messages, at the faaaar bottom.


@drthanina 1. Once you have logged in, from the main menu, click Messages > Inbox, and then click See All in Inbox .
2. Open a message within the list.
3. Click on Create an Offer .
Note: You may also create an offer using Selling > Buyer Requests .
4. If you have more than one Gig, select an existing Gig to offer.
Note: You can click on Select Gig Packages and pre-populate your offer with an existing Gig package. After the details have been entered, you can customize them to cater to the specific Buyer’s needs.
5. Describe your offer and make sure to include all the necessary details.
6. Select whether you would like to deliver the service in one delivery or by using Milestones (for orders over $100).


okey thank you so much :blush: