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URGENT for all! "Fiverr Giveaway program" SCAM


Hi all,
I just received this message from a user pretending that he is an admin on fiverr saying:

Dear kha1ed,

Congratulations! We have see your success on our Fiverr site and happy to inform you have been selected to our Fiverr Giveaway program. You can claim your free bonus $50 here,

[ he gave me the link here!]

Once you have complete this step, your reward price will be added to your account balance.

Mark D.
Head of Fiverr Community.
When I opened the link, there is a designed page very similar to fiverr website asking for my credentials. Obviously, this is a hacker who wants to steal some users accounts!
I contacted the customer support to block the user and do the necessary. I know most of you will be aware of such things, but this post for those who did not face such hacking trials before.
Please be aware and watch out from these guys!

If you received this message and provided them with your info, you need to contact the customer support and change your password as well!



Wow, that is actually a decently made site. Sadly, they were stupid enough to ask for the security question answer… that is the biggest red flag anyone can ever make.


Thanks for letting us know.


Huh making us aware Thank you


Heck, I don’t even remember what my security question was, so how would I know the answer? :smiley: I have different security questions on different sites… that scam of a clone site is unbelievable!


Yes! I mean if they have such design ability they would have made a lot of money here on fiverr lol


The have some English mistakes as well :rofl:


Login to Claim Your $50 Fiverr Giveway

Sequrity Question Answer

Dang, they only had to write like, 20 words, how did they screw it up this badly? XD


Oh not again. Once I lost $32. I received a fake email (At that time I didn’t know that was fake as the Hacker used exact Fiverr logo, fonts & the template) saying “click here to receive Fiverr notifications to your mobile”. I was new to Fiverr as it was just my 2nd month & didn’t know that I should check that with CS or at least with Forum people. I thought that email was from Fiverr & I clicked that link. :bomb: :bomb: Unfortunately, it was my first earning from Fiverr. :cry:


I am so sorry to hear that! Now you know and you need to watch out :wink:


Ha ha I know. Now I check same email for many times specially when it’s from Fiverr. :smile:


See, it was not so bad experience after all! :smiley:


Just for your info and for anyone reach this post in the future for some reason!
This is the reply of the customer support, you can see the official account of fiverr in the picture :slight_smile: