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Urgent Help! 99% work done, near deadline and buyer missing

Hello everyone,

I am currently facing an issue. I am working on an order with deadline of 7 days, it’s the 7th day(last day of deadline) and the client has disappeared for almost 1.5 days ( never happened before, we had daily conversation for almost 8 days ). 99% of the work is completed, only small changes might be required.

Should I deliver the work? Or ask for extension? I don’t want to ask for extension because I have already been doing more work than originally asked for and used more time on it.

What I am afraid of is: If I do deliver work like this, would it be against Fiverr’s TOS ? Should I be rather better asking for time extension so clock going out wouldn’t affect me?

If there is a better solution, tell me that as well

Thanks in advance

You are not supposed to work on revisions and changes without delivering your order.

If you were done with initial work you should’ve delivered your work right away and after that client could ask officially for a revision through the system.

I suggest for you to watch free course on fiverr learn on how to be a great seller. They explain there how fiverr works.


Actually, the client wasn’t asking for revisions. I am working on Chrome extension for the client. So I told him to test it for bugs and if there are any problems, I will fix them. But along the bugs, he also asked to add “another feature” to it. I didn’t mind it at start because I thought it will help me learn new things too. But the problem is he doesn’t tell me all the features he want altogether, that’s why I am a bit exhausted.

Now I think the work is almost completed but the client has disappeared. The work only needs finishing touches.

Also, I did deliver work once and he asked for revision due to bugs. After that I have been fixing bugs and adding more “extra” features. Now this will be 2nd delivery.

Also, I appreciate your advice. It means I shouldn’t be in continuous messaging with the client ? Rather, ask for the requirements only once and deliver work. If he asks for revision, only work on revision and deliver again?

I will definitely watch the course, thanks.

Also, I am a bit hesitant about getting a bad review. What if I don’t work on extra feature and just tell a client that its not part of the original deal straight at his face. Wouldn’t it become problematic if client cancels the order even after receiving work OR maybe just give bad review? I think Fiverr wouldn’t be able to help me in this

After you deliver once, you can ignore the timer. Late delivery only applies to the first delivery, revisions can’t get late (even if the timer says it’s late).


Thanks a lot :smiley: I am relieved now

You should have opened a resolution to extend the order deadline right then.

Don’t let buyers expect extra work added without extending the delivery date. Obviously if the scope changes and there is some back and forth involved, you need more time.

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thanks! i needed this information.