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Urgent help about Buyer request!


I need help about offering on buyer request . Please anyone give me some tips .


Buyers Request is for Buyers to post job offers. Sellers are not allowed to post gigs in this sections. Doing so will get you into trouble.


No . I didn’t ask that . I know that and i wanna know how to get buyer attention by offering my gig and cover ?


Just make sure that you refer to their buyer request to show that you have read their request properly. Be polite and try to make sure that you offer a competitive price.


Thank you for your kind tips .


Refer to buyer by username and repeat what they asked - to show you read the description.


Good afternoon from Greece, gina_riley2,

I see you are looking for a virtual assistant to research the best local restaurants frequented for desserts. Having been born and raised here, in the town of ____, there is a place called _____, that has the best _____.

  • Here you quoted what the buyer asked for, gave them a sample of your writing skills, and a taste (no pun intended) of what they will get for their money.

You gave then a name of a real town, real restaurant, and name of real food.

  • Sample doesn’t have to be long or complicated but short - basically a teaser to “get the call.” :wink:


Thank you for your tips :hugs:


My pleasure. Glad I could help out, :smile: