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Urgent help ... Client provide me wrong information

Client provide me wrong information about order, what should I do now?


Ask them for the correct information.


I’m wordpress developer and first he told me to just import/export pages and place the order and then he provide me wrong login information where to export files. When i told him this login not work he said i don’t have choice create pages like this or i cancel the order.


I cancel orders when buyers are this difficult.

When buyers expect you to do extra work just so they don’t have to send you things, that’s a surefire sign they’re a nightmare to work with, plus you don’t want to work with someone who expects you to do extra work for free.


Yes, he asked me to create 3 pages in 5$. If i cancel the order my profile goes down. I’m starter on fiverr and doing very struggle :slightly_frowning_face:

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Don’t exploit yourself to try to protect your ratings. You will recover.


Sure but is there anything from support if i told them my problem so it nothing effect on profile?

Probably not, no. This is just the nature of the beast, I’m afraid. Focus on enhancing your business so that the odd dud order won’t hurt you.


I’ll definitely try to achieve this position where they can’t effect on me. Thank you

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Your buyer is trying to cheat you. If you let him he will tell his friends and you will have more of this type of buyer to deal with. :weary:

Yes, if you cancel your stats could go down. :roll_eyes: However, only your reviews are visible to your prospective buyers. :wink: You are a new seller and if your stats go down :arrow_down: that only means it will take you a bit longer to get to level :one:

Do not set yourself up to be seen as a victim on Fiverr. Because as a new seller you will be a target :dart: for this bad :smiling_imp: buyers.


I think you should no cancel order. Just follow buyers requirement and try to do, If buyer ask another thing which is nor matching with order tell him this out of our order and make small change in order and submit.


I’m not agree with you bro. as @humanissocial and @vickiespencer said cancel order is best option so next time they know we are not afraid if they cancel order.


Yes! When you comply with exploitation, you encourage more of it – for yourself and your peers.

Yesterday I blocked a buyer who wanted a custom order for 20 times less than my package price. These people are vultures. Fortunately I only get few of them.


If there’s still time until the deadline, I’d send a time extension request right away with the reason “Buyer provided wrong login information, I can’t start with the order until they do” or such.
You’ll also get a field to leave a message to the buyer, in that you can ask them again to please provide the correct login information as required to do the ordered/agreed job.

Then, if they don’t react to provide the needed information, you could contact support and ask them to cancel for you without an effect on your order completion rate, as obviously, you can’t do the work if the customer provides the wrong login information.

At least, there’s a chance then that the buyer either accepts the time extension request and gives you the correct login and you can finish the job, or that support might cancel for you without an effect on your order completion rating. (Of course, under the given circumstances, you might not want to work with that buyer anymore, so in that case, you can only hope they won’t provide the correct login after all :wink: )

Whatever your buyer says, he can’t simply cancel the order in a one-way street action.
He either needs you to accept his cancellation request - and you don’t have to accept it, you can as well ask support to cancel for you because the buyer doesn’t provide the required information - or he needs to go to support to ask them to cancel for him, and in that case, you might be better off going to support yourself because the buyer might lie about the cancellation reason, like saying “seller can’t do what they said they’d do”, they probably won’t say “seller can’t do the job I ordered because I didn’t give them the right login and refuse to do so” …


Thank you @miiila, i’ll remember your advice for now i already ask buyer to cancel the order.

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Then good luck that he’ll accept your cancellation request, I guess :slight_smile:

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Not yet :neutral_face:

@miiila Your suggestion is very helpful. Thanks for sharing. @ahmeddev125 If buyer has not accepted order cancellation request then try what she has suggested.

Is it possible now? As I already open dispute to cancel order

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