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Urgent help is needed

I have delivered a macro-enabled document template. She didn’t mention any specific key combinations for which I can assign the macro. I had assigned Alt+1 key … as a shortcut. But it didn’t work due to Alt key is not available on MacBook. After that, again I had assigned ctrl+shift+1 key … as a shortcut. But it also not worked. Then I have asked the buyer to provide me the specific key combinations so that I can assign it for working properly on MacBook.

I also told her the process to disable the existing shortcut keys on MacBook, so she could manage it on her own. I am using Dell PC with Windows 10. So, the keyboard layout of the MacBook differs from my PC.

Please give me a solution.

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Could you run some sort of a Macbook emulator ?

No, I haven’t any idea about it.

how about only CTRL + ( key ) or SHIFT + (KEY) ?

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ctrl key are slightly different on a Macbook. I have a requirement of 6 key combinations. Shift key combinations are already in use on a Macbook. There is an option to disable the current shortcuts. It may happen that my shortcuts will work after disable the current key combinations on a MacBook. But it couldn’t be possible for the buyer to do it own.

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I am not sure how Control key is different but I just drag out my macbook and saw there is CTRL key on left bottom corner !

ctrl key has a ^ symbol on it. Though the ordinary keyboard has a ctrl key only. The functions are slightly different, for that my shortkeys are not working on the MacBook. Please open Microsoft word and press shift+1. Just let me know whether it is assigned to any shortcuts or not. I want 6 key combinations so that I can assign the shortcuts for working on a MacBook.

“Ctrl” key will replace with “Command” key on OSx.

I also had this kind of issue. Fortunately, I could find a method to install Mac OS version on Virtual Box (search on Google or YouTube for more info). You can check about all non-OS based common keys using that method.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


If I’m not wrong it’s Command key in Mac in place of Control Key.

You can try to help the buyer disabling the default option by remotely accessing the device from your PC there are many software available for this.

I already told the buyer to do it. But it seems it may not possible for her to do the same. Is it permissible to access her computer from my PC. Does Fiverr will allow it? If yes, then can I do it using TeamViewer. Is it be possible to control her MacBook from my Windows 10 PC?

Though most of the functionalities of the ctrl keys are the same, but there is a little bit of difference to working with a MacBook to Windows 10 PC. For that reason, my shortcuts are not working properly.

@imagination7413 Can you help ?
Is a seller allowed to remotely access the Buyer’s PC ?

I don’t know whether or not it is permissible in this situation.

While teamviewer is one of the allowed urls that can be used in gig descriptions I think it’s only allowed if the gig had been set up for that originally (and maybe okayed with Fiverr). eg. some of the gigs for virus checking/fixing I think have that. You could ask CS but it would take days to do that. So my advice is don’t do it with the current gig (unless you had permission from Fiverr).


Ok! I have already sent some options to the buyer. But she had not replied yet. Then I had visited the Resolution Centre to get 1 day extra. I couldn’t deliver the work on time for such an unfavorable situation.


Indirectly related to the problem, but consider for future orders: make a requirement that asks ‘what operating system is this for’ and have the three main os options.

You’ve gotten a few suggestions, but when you told her how to “disable the specific key combination” was it all in writing? Could you include images with the step-by-step instructions? Make a video with screen capture to show exactly what to do?

We as sellers do have to sometimes do gymnastic for our clients, but it’s up to you if you want to cancel the order.

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I had provided her the screenshots also for how she would have to disable specific keyboard shortcuts in writing. I had provided the screenshots, which were taken from the internet. I can’t do a video screen capture because I haven’t any MacBook.

Look on YouTube? See if someone’s already made a video on this?

The buyer wanted to go for a new seller. I haven’t found any reason for not working the template on a MacBook. But buyer’s satisfaction is the most priority for me. What should I do when she will ask for delivery? Will I opt for new buyer requests further? What the worst may happen to me?

If you can’t complete the order, you don’t really have a choice but to cancel.
Yes, cancellation does have consequences, but if you can’t help the buyer you can’t complete the order. If you had known the os was a MacBook before the order began, would you have taken it? You were working with incomplete information, so take this as the lesson it is.

The worst that can happen? Two possibilities, as I see it, based on your actions.

  1. Keep working.
  • You fix the problem, buyer gives low rating, it is ‘forever’ on your profile, though you can respond to it. You keep the payment, but buyer might seek a refund anyway.
  • You don’t fix the problem, buyer keeps getting more upset and frustrated, leading to a bad rating or taking the matter to CS for a cancellation
  1. You grant the cancellation
  • your ‘rank’ takes a dip for 2 months. (and associated consequences)