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Urgent help needed


My buyer has accidentally clicked on the modify button. I delivered before the due but he has clicked on the modify button 2 days after the due. Actually he is fine with the work. So what do I do now so that I doesn’t affect my rating? Redeliver?


It’s accidental and in fact the buyer is fine with your work, so just redeliver.


Reply to @sinsin: Jay from CS is advising me on that issue. I suppose it will not have negative impacts on my ratings


Reply to @bachas85: done Barb, waiting for the buyer to see that. I think he wasn’t aware of the whole system and how it will affect us sellers when they reject after the time frame for the work is over


@jasveena and @bachas85 I am a buyer and I accidentally did this to my seller as well. I honestly didn’t realize that asking for a modification would reject the work. I feel horrible knowing that it’s going to effect his ratings.

I have looked all over this site to see what I can do… do you know of any fixes? My seller has not redelivered. But I’m trying to see if I can fix this for him seeing that I caused the problem.

Can you help me?


Reply to @bachas85: Does getting an order rejected actually affect the seller’s rating?


Reply to @cassysailermoon: Yes, it eventually counts in cancellation rate.


Reply to @f1verrrules: It has happened to one of my buyers too… she got panicked!


Reply to @bachas85: Done!! :slight_smile: It has been settled !


Reply to @cassysailermoon: Nop, it will only be affected when you don’ redeliver as soon as possible. It will only be counted in your cancellation rate when you cancel the order


Reply to @bachas85: Mine showed LATE when my buyer hit the modify button but my ratings stayed 100 % after redelivering


Reply to @bachas85: crap! Gosh


I offer free amendments and ask my buyers to click the modification request button if needed. I get a few everyday and its never effected my sales… It will bump up your estimated delivery time if not re delivered quick enough thought (i think)… Its the only way i can keep track of amendments on V2 .The notification systems useless!


Reply to @newbold3d: Thank you for the updates! :slight_smile:


I also clicked on modify because the gig says “delivered” but I did not receive anything from the seller. Do I wait for his reply or did I panic too fast thinking that he will not deliver? Should I add a note to the seller telling him that I will wait for a few days? It seems that nothing will happen or else I would have seen some evidence from the seller by now.

Do I have to wait until the gig says “completed” before taking some action?


Reply to @deepaknow: You can cancel it, if he ignores you and it’s long after deadline, contact Support and you’ll get money back :slight_smile:


Reply to @deepaknow: You can leave him a message as he needs to actually redeliver as soon as possible but if he doesnt response you can approach Customer Support or cancel the order


No luck with Customer Support. There seems to be so such thing as a C.S. on Fiverr. I had a similar problem recently with another seller. The gig was listed as completed but the seller did not give me anything. He is a fake as his email is also locked. I contacted C.S. for assistance or a refund or to cancel the order but never got any response.

I am very disappointed with this site. I have bought 4 gigs and never got anything from any one of them.

Can anybody suggest a better site than fiverr where the C.S. actually exists?


Reply to @deepaknow: Your money will be refunded within 3 days the moment you click cancel button. Research well about the sellers through their portfolio before purchasing


There is no cancel button after a gig is marked completed.