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Urgent help needed?

when i share my gig in fb groups they send me notifications that you comment is against our community standards :cold_sweat: :cry: :flushed: :sleepy:
What does it mean?


That you’re spamming those groups with ads that nobody wants to see?


will it recover?
or not

Already I face this problem.

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:cry: :cold_sweat: :flushed: :sleepy:

Stop spamming. Nobody in those groups cares about you, your gigs, or your spam. Do NOT share your gig on social media unless you know what you’re doing. Pro tip - if you’re reading this, there’s a 95% chance you do not know what you’re doing.


Check following post, its the fiverr myth number 3.

means i do not share gig excessively

Facebook Blocked you temporary for link sharing.

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No, means do not share your gig at all unless you know how to do it. You don’t. Pasting a link to your gig on facebook groups will get you ZERO orders. It doesn’t work. Forget about it.


how long bro? :cry: :cold_sweat: :flushed: :sleepy:

then how to rank my gigs? and how to get order sir? :thinking: :thinking:
any other method?

You put up good gigs and wait. You don’t call anybody sir. And there’s no such thing as “ranking gigs”. Just offer a good service and wait. If you don’t get orders after a while, change it. If you never get orders, give up and go do something else, the market isn’t interested in what you have to offer.


thanks a lot sir :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

You can share your gig on Facebook without short the URL by shortener

how is it possible sir?

That’s because you’re spamming these groups. Instead of doing this, I would suggest that you create a page about the services you offer and start creating posts regarding tips and trick in your niche. That way you will because reputable and you will have a better chance at sharing content to relevant people who might have projects for you.


As others have said, your posts are more than likely being marked as spam.

It looks like you received at least seven warnings in the space of 15 minutes - that’s quite an achievement. Not content with spamming once - you carried on, and on… and on. That’s the very definition of spamming.

You need to understand how marketing and social media works. Spamming people is only ever going to get you warnings / suspended. Unless they are stupid, no one is going to buy a Fiverr service through a spam post to Facebook.

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