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Urgent help! please reply ASAP

Please whosoever is reading it, help me out with the best solution. I have this buyer, who first couldn’t provide me with complete material, he is in doubt of what exactly he wants, which resulted in extension of duration of order. Today he is asking me that if we can cancel it because it is not working out. He never responded, never gave in time for discussions. It is really unfair. But lets just keep it aside now, I can not bound him.
Suggest me a better solution which doesnot affect my order completion rate, and avoids cancellation. I have checked in the resolution center, if there is possibility of reducing the order price and the buyer only pays 5$ and the order is marked as complete, but there ain’t any option. Can you please help me out here in this situation. Urgent


I assume all you can do at this point is contact CS and explain the situation, attach screenshots and ask them to cancel the order for you.
The only option you have is cancellation either through CS or you do it yourself.

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You cannot deal with this in any other way.

You need to issue a cancellation request and clearly state the buyer changed their mind or did not want the project anymore.


Will this type of cancellation affect my order completion rate? I just can’t afford an effected order completion rate at this initial stage of my career here.

Really sorry this happened to you.

Unfortunately, I don’t think you have much of a choice here. I rarely suggest cancelling, but if you don’t, CS will.

I suggest you contact CS with a - short! - explanation. Attach screenshots. They may cancel without it affecting your stats.

Remind the buyer that if the order is cancelled, copyright remains with you so they can’t use anything you produced for them.

You’re doing well, here … fingers crossed …


Yes it will.

Your career will also not withstand a negative review if you refuse to cancel or a buyer complaint if you hold them hostage.

You tried your best but the order did not work out.


There is no other way it can be sorted out?

No. You’ll need to cancel …

can you please tell me,
If the seller wants to get a mutual cancellation with the buyer.
Is there any adverse effect on that!!!
Actually, Idk about it :slight_smile:

Cancellation by mutual consent is still cancellation and has an effect on your stats.


How this stats affect us, the work, in future? And how much one order cancellation decreases the completion rate?

Add together the number of orders completed over the last 60 days. Write that number down. Add together the number of cancellations over the past 60 days. Write that number down too.

Add the two numbers together. Then divide the smaller number of completed orders by the larger total number of orders + cancellations and you’ll get a percentage.

eg (simple numbers are all I can cope with).

10 orders altogether. 1 order cancelled. 9 completed.

9/10 = 0.9

0.9 in percentage terms is 90 percent.

The cancellation will continue to have an effect on your stats for 60 days. The percentage will fluctuate as you get more - or fewer! - orders.

If you’re relying on the algorithm, yes, you’ll feel it until you get back to 100% again.


Hi there,

What you can do best is contact with CC. They can help you out with best solution and contact with buyer properly when taking order it will help to avoid this kind of problems.

Happy selling.

It also states that my gig will appear in very last of the search page. Is it for all of my gigs? or just this one? And also if I delete that gig, will it then too affect the order completion rate?

No, deleting the gig won’t fix it.

Oh yes… which “it” is that?

The page which comes while cancelling the order.

Does this search factor applies only to that specific gig?

That’s interesting. I tend not to cancel on the order page, but rather though CS so can’t help you with that …

Is going to CS helpful? rather cancelling on our own?
only 9 hours are left for completion 0f order and CS takes 48 hours to reply

9 hours probably isn’t enough. CS is overwhelmed right now.

Best to bite the bullet and take the hit.

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