Urgent help ! Please


Hey guys ,
I need some help . Would you please check out my profile and see if i put anything wrong or odd that cause i’m not orders .
Thank you:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Fiverr does not guarantee anyone orders just because they have a gig on Fiverr. If you want more sales, you’ll have to go out and find them. You can do this by figuring out who your target customers are located, doing some research to find where they are located, and going to those places and telling your customers what you can do for them.

Sitting back and expecting orders to fall into your lap is not a wise business strategy. If you want sales, you’re going to have to work for them.


Hi @mdsujanmia05,
I was looking at your profile, in one of your gig you highlited a text saying >>>>>>>>> WE DON’T COPY.
but in your portfolio all the business card mockup you’ve used, they are all downloaded from some free PSD/vector download sites or sites like that.
You should definitely put some of your work there instead of using other people’s work on your gig. If you can’t create a new mockup modify before using them in your portfolio at least!

And no one can help you to get work here on Fiverr. Just have patience and be your best at what you do. That’s the main trick to achieve success not only in Fiverr but also in life. :slight_smile: