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Urgent help please


hello everyone ,
I am facing a problem .
One of my client ordered a gig from me of creating his eCommerce website .
Now when I have completed all his works , he has changed his website’s login details (username and password ) .
and I have no access in his website .
Moreover he is not giving any reply to my messages . there are 4 days and 17 hours left to complete his order .
So In this case, what should I do now ? I did not do anything wrong with him . I have done what he wanted me to do.


If you delivered your order correctly with “deliver” button then your order will be marked as complete in 3 days.

If you still have a clock ticking I believe that you didn’t deliver it properly through the system as you were supposed to.


thank you for your reply .
But I did not delivery the order . Because the client messaged me about 3 hours ago and told me to create 2 more pages for him . Than I have created those pages .
He did not told me to send the delivery as we have 4 more days left .
after that I had no contact with the client . and now I can see that , he has uploaded a new website there in his old website which I have been building from the last 3 days .


Now should I deliver his order , as he is not giving me reply + he has uploaded a new website and changed the login details ?


Just deliver the work, if you have completed all your work according to his instructions. the order will be marked as COMPLETE after 3 days.


thank you so much . Yes , I will deliver his work .