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URGENT: Help reagarding a situation with not a professional buyer

Hi, following is the sequence for the event:

Order 1 - Received and delivered (no ratings)

Order 2 - Received and delivered (5 star)

Order 3 - Received and delivered (5 star)

All these are custom orders

Now, the buyer wants me to take an order 4 but I was unavailable and I could not take or respond.

Infuriated, the buyer changes the ratings of Order 2&3 to 1.5 and it also freezes my ability to withdraw my existing money from Paypal. He also blames me charging extra, however he accepted all the custom offers and was happy with the work and even messaged he will recommend to others.

Since mutual cancellation option had gone due to time which passed, the buyer and I consent on refunding him for one order through buying one gig from the infuriated buyer. I did that, he did not change the review, and then he asked the CS to cancel all the three orders which he placed.

Please tell me what to do, how to explain this to the CS, and how to deal with such situation.

At present, I have asked the CS to remove feedback for Order 2&3, and cancel one order out of these two. I have also requested to cancel the purchase which I had to do in order to purchase from him to return the money

@anurag_khetan Really bad to listen. you must contact to support. they will really help you. i had experience with customer support and they will provide the best solution to everyone.

Make screenshots and send them to CS. Tell them he changed the rating because of you being unavailable for a 4 th order. If u can proof this through screen shots I have no doubt CS will be able to help you.

I had this same thing happen to me not too long ago. A buyer ordered some work and said that he was very happy with it, and when I wasn’t able to do more work for him, he left a negative review. Customer Support removed the review for me, so I’m certain they will do the same for you. [=

Thanks all, I will definitely send screenshots in case the CS want it after their reply