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Urgent Help! Requests Rate Limit exeeded - Account Temporarily Banned

“It says your account has been banned temporarily. The number of requests you have made to this website has exceeded the rate limit.”

In this particular case, how should appraoch the concerned team to unban my account so I can continue working on my active orders.


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Do you use a page refresher?

Often it causes this type of problem.


No, I don’t use any of such tools and I don’t even know reason for this issue at all.

  • Stop using VPNs if you’re using any
  • Disable your ad-blocker for Fiverr if you’re using one
  • Reset your WI-Fi or Internet connection and try again

One of these should solve the problem.


I can see the account is unbaned. thanks vickiespencer and all

Can you explain this in detail? I didnt understand

I dont understand this. Please explain in detail @vickiespencer

Auto refresher apps mess with the Fiverr site and as a result you get kicked off of the site and could get banned for using them.


Servers don’t appreciate unusual pattern of requests caused by extensions or vpns and that’s why you can be banned.

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