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Urgent help required

can anyone help me please, yesterday i have received 70+ orders on my gig, i have been a seller since 2015, after receiving orders, all of sudden my account is suspended because someone reported me. Fiverr support is not even replying back and all my orders will be getting cancelled due to this silly mistake by fiverr. Am i not allowed to have more than 70 orders in a day? is this called a violation? Jealous people now a days, cant take if someone is doing well, this is a shocking experience on fiverr. My gig came in recommended page, thats why i got so many orders in 1 day, but they think they are fake or something.
now very less time left and 6 orders are cancelled already, CS dont reply back and not bothered at all, 70+ buyers will have a bad experience because of this and will give fiverr a bad name.


I think it’s not the first time and I don’t think someone reported you. Looks like fiver considered this as a fraudulent activity getting 70 orders in one day.
Where they all from different people?
How long ago did you contact CS? Sometimes it takes up to 48 hours for them to respond


Yes all different buyers, not even 1 repeat buyer, orders were kept coming, small and big amount orders,
i have contacted straight away, since then i have been sending msgs, even made this account to contact CS.
i only got this email “Your profile was flagged for purchasing or selling false services for the purpose of manipulating our rating system”
how can i purchase 70 orders from my profile? dont understand this at all. Now they will cancel all 70+ orders over this, atleast bother to check yourself. This has put me off fiverr big time, This place is became a joke now.

shocking platform, on no basis they do this, when i ask for proof, no reply


It is strange how something similar was reported by a seller just yesterday.

It is also strange how Fiverr is putting the onus of accountability on sellers when this happens.

Realistically, no one can prevent someone ordering a gig maliciously to bring about this outcome. Neither can a seller expect to be able to prevent a flood of orders happening organically if unbeknownst to them, they suddenly get featured.

I’m also confused how I can see some sellers with tons of orders in queue (who are obviously outsourcing).

Can I ask if you were outsourcing what you do? Also, were all these orders from people who were knew to Fiverr and are you able to see if any of their profiles are still active?

My hunch (given that this is the second post like this in 2-days), is that this might be some kind of new botnet attack. In theory, this could be set up quite easily using stolen credit card or PayPal details. This might also be what triggers Fiverr to auto ban sellers as a result.

Call me crazy, but I see no value in a seller going to the trouble to manipulate their stats in this way. However. I do see why a third-party attacker might employ this strategy to disrupt Fiverr, sellers. and potentially profit in the process. I’m not going to clarify how this would be profitable here. However, I do hope that this is something Fiverr is looking into.


it is very strange, i am very frustrated right now.Its not my fault that buyers are ordering, i cant tell them NO dont order, obviously whole point to be on fiverr is to get orders.
They were all real orders from new buyers, most of them gave detailed description. No i dont outsource anything as i dont see any benefit in this, its my first time i got that many orders. Fiverr dont give a crap anymore about sellers, Its a good thing if buyers are ordering me, we both are benefiting from this.
Any jealous people can destroy someones account like this,
can you tell me who did this happen to yesterday?

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Would you also mind clarifying what you offer / what these people were ordering, what they were paying, and what you gig turnaround time is?

I’m afraid I don’t have a link to yesterdays post and I’m quite busy. Maybe someone else will be kind enough to post one.

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logo design and it was 1 day delivery
i dont know who will help me with this, i tried contacting fiverr but they dont give a flying duck anymore. They are not even bothered.
What if this is someone strategy to disable my account, funny thing is i cant even do anything.
100% my gig was on recommended page 1, thats why orders came.


This is by far the strangest thing I have ever heard on here.
Jealous and drooling just thinking about 70 orders. Obviously its not physically possible
to complete that many orders unless you have a cookie cutter service.
That sucks that they ban you instead of putting your gig on hold.


It is also unreasonable for sellers to be expected to be psychic and know when they will suddenly appear in a premium search spot. I’ve had ebooks feature on Amazon which suddenly start getting 50+ sales a day.

On an automated market like Amazon, with a product like a book, this doesn’t cause a problem. However, here, sellers should at least be given a heads up if suddenly they get the search spotlight put in them. - At least, if Fiverr is going to then punish them for getting orders.

This is likely either a malicious hack or attack, or a pretty epic Fiverr bug.


yes very strange!! i have experience to deliver them but i dont understand why would they disable my account on that basis, this is not a reason to disable. So bloody frustrating!!

this is a pure BS mate, getting orders is not an issue, issue should be if i can deliver them or not, only then take action. But disabling account straight away is a beyond joke. Is there anyone i can contact who will help? fiverr contact number maybe?
i am tired of waiting for replies, they blocked my main id, i used this to msg them and now they blocked this too

Okay, let’s be real here. You can not possibly deliver 70-logos in 1-day. You would be delivering almost 3 an hour. No one can do that and Fiverr would rightly be suspicious of anyone saying they could.

Sadly, all you can do is wait.

i can try to do it atleast, whats the most they will do? reject and ask for modification, that should be fine.
This experience has put me off fiverr, i will never recommend anyone

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Nah, see what is happening now, is that you are starting to incriminate yourself here. There is no way you could deliver on all these orders without cancelling or requesting lengthy extensions to at least 60 out of the 70 orders.

Fiverr CS wasn’t born yesterday and if you are going to try and argue that you could complete these orders, you’d have better chance teaching a pig to sing Pavarotti.

look its not my fault that i got so many orders, its not upto me, i could have paused it but this is not the reason to disable my whole account and then cancel 70+ orders. This is ridiculous

that’s the issue with each push button software ! and generating leads method, i suggest you build up value in a healthy mater if you still interested on fiverr…

sorry i dont understand you?

i am talking about fake reviews

all 70 orders cant be fake, i am not stupid to order that many. How can you even tell if they are fake? my point is anyone can order and destroy sellers profile like this