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Urgent help

Hi I am new on fiverr and today I delivered my work against a gig. The cash is not cleared and also there is no reply from the buyer. Can anybody guide me what to do be cause I worked very hard for my gig. I have deli ered exactly what the buyer wanted.

This may seem like a big deal in your early stages but once you begin to deliver at a higher volume, you’ll see that about half of your buyers don’t respond or leave feedback. Sometimes it’s frustrating when you deliver pure gold and the buyer goes radio silent. But I think a lot of buyers purchase multiple gigs from multiple sellers and just don’t take the time to follow-up or offer feedback. Luckily, Fiverr marks every delivered order as Complete after 3 days.

Thanks everybody! You are right I should wait!

Be patient, Wait 14 after order completion. It’s fiverr rules

you have to be patient, the response is not immediate. must give time to the buyer to verify the order.


Order ‘completion’ takes 0 to 3 days. (3 days is the auto-completion point)

Fund ‘clearing’ takes an additional 14 days, post completion.

Funds can be ‘available’ in 14 to 17 days.

During the 3 day period, you need to ask yourself some questions.

Is the Buyer busy and hasn’t seen my delivery?

Is the Buyer busy, got my delivery and hasn’t looked at it?

Did the Buyer get my delivery, looked at it and doesn’t like something about it, and doesn’t know how to request a modification, or is hesitant to say it isn’t right?

If your curiosity is killing you, you could after a few days drop them a message and say, “Hi, I’m just following up to be sure you received delivery of order FO123456789? Thanks.”