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URGENT: HOW DO I post a Researcher job I need urgently filled today

I also tried contacting support, but they require me to put in some sort of ID number, and no idea how to find that.I see nothing in the Home Menu at to where to click to post a job, but only how to find profiles of researcher wanting a job

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You can go to the “buying” tab on the top right-hand side of the Fiverr homepage under which there is an option called “post a request”.

You can create a request there for the job that you have and then you can select a seller from the list of people who respond to your request (if you want to).

There is no BUYING tab on my fiverr home page. See SS attached

Click on your profile picture and a drop-down will appear.

‘Post a request’ is the fourth one down on mine - hopefully it’ll be the same for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do you know why there is this difference in layout? Does it have something to do with viewing your profile from the perspective of the seller/buyer?


I think it’s different if you’re buying and not selling? :sunny:


if there is not an option of buying then must be option of post a request in order menu or anywhere else …search for this options and post a request.

oh wow… okay. Thanks for the info. :pineapple:

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Even in the SS attached, I can see the “post a request” button right there… on the home page… On the left-hand side… under “Hi, Couplewiseguide