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Urgent / Instant Requests Area - Double or triple price

One of the reasons companies avoid freelance approach is the instant employee who is under his/her control that he can give an urgent task to finish.

I Believe Fiverr can break this rule by adding a new unique tab for current online free sellers who are able to do the job RIGHT NOW at the moment.

Since Fiverr has millions of people; it will be able to implement this feature easily

  • It will be a money generator for Fiverr, with its instant impact
  • Will raise the competition between sellers however it will give a space for new ones who are free and available instantly
  • And best of all, it will bring new Buyers to the Market, the static companies who always want instant urgent employee.

I’d be interested in this. As a voice over artist, I see a lot of people asking for recordings NOW – either in messages or on Buyers Request. Having a section specifically for online sellers who are ready to work would be a great idea. And I agree that the prices should be automatically upped to reflect the immediacy of the work.

But, I do think there needs to be a bit of regulation on it – something that proves the seller is actively engaging the site and not just loitering with a browser tab open. Or, perhaps have it available to level 1 sellers and above, so there’s at least a bit of a track record showing the seller is dedicated to Fiverr work. Or, maybe add a “seller approval” or “seller agreement” button so when a buyer submits the order the seller has to “approve” it, which is like signing a contract that says “Yes, I can do this work in this time.” And if the seller doesn’t respond within 5 minutes (or other arbitrary time), the order won’t go through and the buyer can use their funds to order with someone else.

Maybe there can be different delivery times: deliver in 1, 2, 6, 12 hours or something?

Again, I like this idea!

Yea, I think the delivering times by hours is the key, and at the end fiverr is based on customer feedback, if the seller didn’t show the feedback would be bad.

Also, seller can’t behave as instant while he is not in such situation, because in that situation, the buyer would be chatting directly with the seller, if the seller did’t reply then he is not here …simply.

Would definitely work out. I get more messages/sales when it shows me online(even if i’m not 100% available at the very minute.). Some have deadlines they need to meet so it would definitely appeal to them for sure.