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Urgent - is this order a scam?



I was just contacted by a lady who needs my help in faking a phone call to her family, saying she is on vacation. Her reasons are her own, though she went on and on about her terrible life situation and why she needs my help so badly, without actually explaining why she needed the fake phone call. I said I would be happy to help her free of charge, one short ■■■■■ call doesn’t bother me much, but she insisted to put up an fiverrorder and pay me.

Can I be putting myself in trouble here? What if the said phone call is actually in some illigal business; is there any chance that my voice performing the lie will be harmful for me legally? I have no idea - I just wanted to check if this situation sounds familiar to you - scam is everywhere, and people’s trust gets misuesed every so often.

Thanks in advance!


Why would you lie to someone’s family? You know neither her nor her family; what if your call does harm to her family?

You might get in trouble for doing something fraudulent, yes.


**I’ve edited my post as it’s now apparent the woman wanted you to fake being her. I thought she wanted you to act as her PA or something.


Her family has some issues with anxiety etc, that is why…

What kind of trouble do you think I could get into? My name is not being mentioned, it will just be my voice and my ■■■■■ account.


At minimum your Fiverr Account could be banned for performing a questionable service and for making phone calls without a real valid professional reason. I don’t think you would have posted this if you didn’t have a gut feeling that it sounded “off.”.


But this is 2019, everything is trackable. So i don’t know… but if i was you i will not do it, but it’s your call.


Yes, it did sound “off”, but I won’t be saying anything else than “Hi, happy new year, we are having a great vacation”, or so, in english with a norwegian accent, so I can’t understand what can be illigal about it. But again, I don’t like lying, especially since I don’t know them. Do situations like these occur? I haven’t experiecned it before…


Situations like what? It’s really up to you. Sounds risky to me. If you are fine with it, it’s your account.


And how would you know that it’s true?

How would you know that you’re not assisting in trafficking, for example?

As for the trouble with Fiverr you could run into, @fonthaunt already explained it. You could get banned. I seriously doubt that Fiverr would want to be associated with fake phone calls.


Yes, that sounds reasonable. Thanks :slight_smile: I will trust my gut then.


I agree with this. 20


Sadly, they do. And, on top of that, you have the added risk of internet personalities trying to humiliate you for their own gain.

Fiverr is generally a safe place, but it’s still best to remain conservative. I think you made the right decision to stay clear of this order. :slight_smile:


Don´t do it! Your account can be banned, your call can be tracked… who knows…


The situation you describe is fishier than a tuna salad. Let me explain why.

  1. Why on Earth would someone pay a stranger to call their family? Or ask for free? I don’t doubt your vocal abilities, but anyone could recognize by voice someone they know. Anyone that know her would know it’s not her.
  2. The anxiety thing has no sense. Who has anxiety? Her family? It’s not like she can’t call them herself. She has internet connection and money, a phone call is not a problem to make from anywhere you are.

You should always start red flags when asked to do such things. A phone call will trace the police back to you. You have no idea in what kind of troubles you could get into. You could be a murder accomplice by trying to provide an alibi for them, as far as you know.

Never do that, ever!




This is a very strange experience. It’s very clear that there is something she is not telling you. Come to think of it, why would she insisted on placing an order even after you told her that you can help her for free?
I’m sensing that there’s a large motive than what she told you.
Just my opinion though. I might be wrong as well.


If i get this kind of message I will mark that user as spam. That’s it. nothing to talk or think about. :hugs:


Thanks guys, this helped a lot!