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Urgent! Mistakenly clicked "I have all the information I need"

The buyer didn’t submit information for order and the buyer has not come online for the past 5 days. Now, what should I do?

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Go to resolution center and request an extension of the delivery time. If the buyer accept the request when they come online, the order won’t be late.


Or should I deliver something?

That can be considered as a blank delivery which is against the ToS. May be the buyer is too busy to follow up. I think it would be a good idea to wait till they come back.


Thank you so much it means a lot.

I would inform customer support about it. Ask them to cancel it.

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if the order countdown does not start then do not worry about that. because it will not be late. I also face the same problem, the buyer places the order and then he did not submit the instruction and then one week later he submit the requirements file and I complete it, wally. so just stay positive and send him one or two messages to inform him of requirements.

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Thank you buddy. :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I think you can keep posting about requirements… and if he not reply … you have to wait… only option

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Careful there, I think the person you are thanking might have only read your post but not the title thoroughly.

Once you click that you do have all the information you need, you do start the gig yourself because you “override that mandatory requirement safety-feature”.

Your options are as has been suggested before, use the resolution center to ask your buyer for a time extension and the needed information, or ask support to cancel.

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Thank you! I did cancel the order because of my mistake.

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