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URGENT! Money withdrawal without my request and I don't see anything in my paypal account


I received this message today:

Hey tumichael,

"Great news! your $338 revenues were sent to your PayPal account.

Please be patient as funds may take up to a few days to appear in your PayPal balance.


The Fiverr Team"

The problem is I didnt request any withdrawal and I dont see any money in my paypal account.

I noticed that I didnt receive the withdrawal confirmation email from fiverr to my email either!

Please help me! It’s very very urgent! Has anyone experienced this yet? Is there a glitch in Fiverr payment??

Tu Michael


The user account you are looking for is no longer available.

oh no!


Weird… I clicked on @tumichael 's link to see his profile and it says the profile no longer available…


God, this year has started really bad - way too many hacked accounts :frowning:


So who do you write to if there is a problem?



Fiverr Customer Support