URGENT ! need help wioth delivery


I hav a dilevry i need to do for somone thaid paid me for a video.

The delivery keeps saying FILE SIZE ERROR. I dont no how or if i can get it below 40 megs. what can i do ?? VERY URGENT!! i need this delivered asap as the deadline is near.

please Help!


Have you zipped the file ?


no I don’t know if the cust will be able to open it don’t no if he is using abdroid or ehat to share with I converted to mepg 4


Anybody with Winzip, WinRar, or 7zip can open the file. These softwares are commonplace. If the customer cannot open the zipped file, just inform them they they will need to download an extraction tool. Doesn’t everybody have one of these nowadays? I think windows comes with a built in .zip tool. It shouldn’t be any problem for your delivery.


Do you have your own server you can upload it to? You can perhaps put a link to the video on your own server


Just wanted to add that I zip all of my deliveries just to save myself time from uploading multiple files. I haven’t gotten one complaint yet.


you can open an account in mediafire and upload it and deliviver the URL of it


cool thanks I will o that next time is over 50 megs but what format is best to convert it to?

and will thye delivery go through on zipped files?