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Urgent one, need your input guys. I have a live gig and a doubt (Answered)


I have a gig where I offer to turn provided images into the piece of art. Buyers are invited to provide an image in high resolution and to provide some sort of brief, telling me what they want me to do with that image.

This guy ignored my advice, from gig description, to contact me prior to ordering and just attached an image of 257x196 pixels with some bird flying. I`ve asked what does he expect me to do with this tiny photo and his response is:

  • I would like to see the blue heron flying with the trunk of a beech tree in the background.
  • You do realise that would include some extras, right?
  • Why not let me know what you think. If it doesn’t work we can mutually cancel. I am ok adding 5 for the special background.

So, my rating would go down just because it was too much for him to postpone the order and ask me first. Even more, he also knows how much would it cost to meet his expectations.

What now? Please guys, there must be someone online.


just for your convenience, here`s the link to the gig


Tell him you can’t work with the photo he provided and be more specific to what you need.
Also, send him a custom offer for any additional extras that are missing to get him exactly what he wants.
If it doesn’t work out then you will have to cancel. There is no way around it. Good luck.


Thanks for the swift reply, annai80

Exactly what I was afraid of. How is it possible there`s no way we, sellers, could protect from this kind of situations and even get a lower rating out of it?


I know it’s unfortunate. You can always contact customer support to voice your concerns.


Thanks again annai80

I did send a request to CS, I`ve also replied to the buyer with a short elaboration and a few options (thanks for the tips) and am hoping now for a polite resolution.


you are right:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


With the utmost pleasure, I may inform you that order was completed, followed by 5 * and a tip.


Amazing. Congratulations for turning it around :confetti_ball:


:bouquet: Thank you!