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Urgent - Payoneer Withdrawls Broken

Another day, another set of evil bugs.

First off, if you are reading this and no official notice of a fix has been made by Fiverr or Payoneer, you may want to consider NOT withdrawing your Fiverr earnings.

An hour ago, I clicked to withdraw my earnings via Payoneer like I have done every week/month for 2+ years. Then I received the usual email asking me to confirm my withdrawal:

However, when clicking buttons or links, I am just taken to the regular Payoneer login page.

The Bug in Brief

  • Clicking to withdraw your Fiverr funds to Payoneer will initially work as usual
  • Links to confirm transactions in emails DO NOT WORK
  • Your money is removed from Fiverr but is not deposited in Payoneer and just goes missing in Internet limbo


New info just in. Payoneer will follow up their regular payment email with this one:

When you click this, you will be need to login to Payoneer and fill out a ‘verify your line of business’ form.

This form is itself buggy and does not allow you to save an answer to the last question which is: "
Do you offer special pricing or subscription services for return customers?"

As a result, it is not possible to submit this form and confirm withdrawl of funds.


I managed to complete and submit the Payoneer form. None of the questions really seem relevant to Fiverr users. It seemed more like an application to set up a merchant account for a separate website. Also, my payment from Fiverr is still missing in limbo.

I have contacted Payoneer support but just got a standard, ‘this is a tech issue’ response.