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Urgent! Please help who had the same issue!

Hi! I have an issue with comments which my client left me on the files I’ve sent to him earlier. So basically I’m working on a project and sent to my client few pictures with first concepts. After I recieved a massege that my client left a comments on those pictures, and I have to follow the link to see that comments. But when I’m following the link, the comment section is empty, and there are no comments. My client isn’t online since he left a comments, so I can’t ask him what did he wrote in there. And I can’t continue working on the project without knowing what my client’s thoughts… Did anyone have the same issue? And how did you solve it? Thank you!

Just drop them a message anyway and they will reply to you as soon as they will see your message instead of waiting for them to come online. Buyers rarely come online unless they have a notification that they have a message or delivery.

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Yeah, I did write to my client, asking him to write in a direct his thoughts, or to send me a print screen with his comments, but he really shows online just once a day, so probably I’ll not get the answer from him till tomorow.

If you are running out of deadline, just initiate an extension request.