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Urgent. Please help!

Here is a buyer, whom I sent the buyer request, He has messaged me to discuss the details, on the other side he has by mistake placed the order, which he is now asking me to cancel. Claiming that he was online from his phone and accidently placed it. What should I do now? Why should I suffer or pay for his mistake. I don’t deserve it.

Please suggest me some good solution, if any.


contact CS tell them a issue OR go for mutual cancellation…

going for mutual cancellation can result in the drop of my order completion rate, which I can not take, without any reason or fault.

I have suggested the buyer to write the issue to the CS, I hope they respond in time, as the order duration is 24 hours.

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Hope they will response quickly to your buyer… :slightly_smiling_face:

In both cases, i will be the one to suffer. As CS won’t respond in 24 hours, and the since I will have nothing to deliver, the delivery time will be gone, I don’t know what to do.