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Urgent Please! I can't view my revenue page since 6th of March - Attention for customer support


Hi there,

I have a problem with showing my revenue page. it says something like “we have notice this error, we will get back to this soon”. i have attach a screenshot.

Please let me know what i need to do.

My first income has to withdraw on 6th of March. This happens, when just the 6ht of March become. that is at 00.01 am on 6th of March.

Any help appreciate. :slight_smile:

Edit: I clear the browser session and also try with another browser, but I still face this problem. I also requested a customer support ticket and still it has no replies. I can see others are not facing this. So it is a problem with my account. Please I need to fix this soon. Thanks.



On my Revenue Page, Data is Incorrect. Upcoming Revenue Showing is only 172$. While I have Pending Orders of Value 240$ - 1$ per Order of Fiverr (48$) = Total 192$. Please check it and fix this. I opened a Ticket #316728 about this but no one is replying since 2 days.


Tarun Goel


Reply to @tkg0909: I have the same problem and reported it also


Reply tkg0909 …i also have the same problem at the revenue page like yours…reported it also …


@twistedweb123 @madscientist Have you got any reply! I didn’t get a single reply since 3 days.


Reply to @tkg0909:

They said everything was correct, but after I sent a screenshot showing the clear issue, they agreed there was a problem, and it has been forwarded to their tech team


Reply to @arnevb: I still facing this issue :frowning:


@twistedweb123 @jrmkr1 Atleast you got reply! Support team is not even replying to my tickets since 3 days.


I don’t know if Fiverr Admin even looks here


As to humans inventions, perfection is lacking, I will keep on saying this.

With this in mind, PATIENCE is needed on our path in life as it is applicable to every facet of our lives.

Fiverr would have as well notice this BIG error (Glitch) and start working on it maybe even before you noticed it.

Just show some patience. Remember program glitches either small or minor could be Fatal to any website. So be rest assured that Fiverr is working tirelessly to solve your problems underneath for our success is theirs.


Please be patient… Remember, this is technology, it will still come back go normal.


Please be patient… Remember, this is technology, it will still come back to normal.


Thank you for all who notice their ideas regarding to my problem.

Now it is okay. Fiverr customer support take this to solve and they are already done.

Good service…!