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Urgent Please i need help


i have and urgent issue. my account was hacked yesterday and they use my paypal account to order about 2 things going to 400 Euros. i have contacted although it is stated the order was cancelled and money received, i havent received anything. And someone contated me saying i should give my full information paypal and password so the can verify if it is me. after refusing to send my password, they send me this link for verification . please kindly advice me i never knew these website could be so dangerous. i have never seen a website that ask for someones paypal and password for verification before money can be refunded. i really please need help Customer services is doing nothing about it. i dont even know who is real at the moment

Please I need advice its really important

My advice is don’t send your details


Someone is cheating with you.
Contact Fiverr Customer Support to get back your account and Contact PayPal Customer Support to get back your 400 Euros back. The above links are fraud and you should immediately stop replying to them or even clicking on any links.

No official support team will ask for any passwords ever.


i contacted paypal but they said only Fiverr can resend my money bc it was bucked from them and they cant cancel the payment


That link is neither from Paypal nor Fiverr.

Follow the legitimate links on their respective websites to lodge a complaint.

This is not a Fiverr issue. It was your Paypal account that was hacked, right?


yes i have done that but they havent contacted me yet


Wait on Fiverr Customer suppport to reply and please delete the link on the post since it’s fraudulent.


Then contact Fiverr CS:
Click on this link to create a ticket with Fiverr.

or email them on


ok i will delete it.


You need to remove the link immediately as that is against the forum rules.


i have been emailing them since yester and worst part is, i cant change my password bc the account is under restriction the person also has access to my fiverr account


sorry about the link just wanted to know if its normal.


The only advice right now here is do not send them multiple mails because the system can mark you as spam and then they will never reply you.

You can change your Fiverr Password whenever you want… because you have the Phone number and you have the Fiverr’s account Email address.

Here is the article on how to change the password:


as i said i have tried changing my password but cant go till the issue the account restriction is off thats what i have been trying all this while. And as for the message, i have send them many because they wount respond and i wanted to know if the people writing me is from them. i haven been really traumatised since yesterday this is my first time encountering such things


We are all buyers and sellers just like you.
One another option is contact Fiverr on Twitter. I think they will reply you instantly there.
That is very weird that you cannot change a password if an account is restricted.


an the worst thing is, they are marking my complais as solved while nothing has been solved.


Please i do have a question. the complains i sent are marked as Solved what does that really mean, because i havent seen anything which has been solved.


Check if all of the tickets are marked as resolved or not. There is a chance that they would leave one ticket because there is no need to keep active all the others tickets for the same issue.


ok thanks for the help