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Urgent Question on U.S. Politics for Americans

Are foreign nationals allowed to make a small donation to the Presidential candidates in the U.S.? I am an admirer of Ted Cruz and have subscribed to a newsletter from one of his supporting websites. I received a request for donations from him…not much, just $10 to $50…his campaign says that he is in a serious fund crunch…but I don’t know if I (an Indian resident) can donate to a candidate in the U.S. Presidential race? Is that legal? Will he get into trouble for that, and will my donation - even though it will be a very small one, be rejected? Does anyone know?

I found this answer:
“Can non-US citizens contribute?
Foreign nationals are prohibited from making any contributions or expenditures in connection with any election in the U.S. Please note, however, that “green card” holders
(i.e., individuals lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the U.S.) are not considered foreign nationals and, as a result, may contribute.”

There is a sordid scandal about Cruz now:
“Washington (CNN)Ted Cruz on Tuesday night accused Donald Trump’s allies of conspiring to publish a National Enquirer story alleging the Texas senator had multiple affairs with unnamed women.”

The National Enquirer is a seedy tabloid but has broken a few really sordid stories that turned out to be true when regular newspapers wouldn’t publish them.

OKay, guess I can only offer moral support then. I read about the rumors, I don’t believe in them one bit. Cruz is a solid family man. That’s just mudslinging at its worst. These people don’t understand that there are families involved, including 2 small children.

He’s a solid something all right.

Mmmhhhhh… The USA. Highest prison population in the world, highest (western) infant mortality, highest cost of basic health care, fastest decreasing standard of living, a booming sale in baby parts, chronic obesity and an education system which educates 18 year old high school graduates to only the same standard as 16 year olds in the UK and Europe but still struggles. - Yet the focus of the upcoming election is on the usual who’s wife is a bit of alright, who’s been getting down and dirty with the maid and who can come up with a catchy slogan.

I think the only urgent question for US citizens is, WTF?

Sounds like a typical politician.

The website Salon has a great article on Trump.

Most ordinary Americans have the same feeling as you do. Politics is acting in all parties; on all sides. Politicians are actors and their public personas are a bunch of made-up nonsense. Many other countries also have messed up political systems and it’s just in different ways.

In this particular thread, the question that started it could have been asked without making political statements or naming names, so I doubt the urgency had much to do with the question. It’s just more politics, more drama. Of course, Americans come in a remarkably diverse mass as well. The first ones here are mostly gone and the rest are “imports” like my family. The end result is a pretty nutty place just like many others. :wink:

It’s a shame we can’t focus on issues of importance considering what is going on in the world. It’s embarrassing. The world looks to us for a model and we are only a model of stupidity, crassness, and insulting each other’s wives. Our political candidates are the bottom of the barrel. I’m sure people in other countries must be puzzled that we have sunk this low.

Political candidates (and any other politicians) always have their problems and the fact that they usually have enormous egos make it worse. I agree that this country has many embarrassing aspects and there are things I love about it and things I appreciate more in other countries. I do think other countries all have their own messes, though, and politics is often one of the cesspools no matter where you are! Blech.

Really, your statement holds true if you live in a Scandinavian country or in Japan, but if you live in a country like India, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, you will know how fortunate you are to be an American and will be proud of even your most obvious imperfections.

I thank the universe every day that I live here. But it is not really a free country in many ways after Homeland Security and the national I.D. card that driver’s have to get with facial recognition. Everyone is in the government database now identified by their face.
My next driver’s license will be from the one state that wouldn’t agree to it, New
Hampshire motto: Live Free or Die which means I will no longer be allowed to board a plane. Americans have silently accepted this, oblivious to the implications.