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Urgent! Sellers who are experiencing success in New Fiverr V-3.0 , please tell us your stories

Many sellers including me are having less or no sales at all ever since Fiverr updated to the new version. So I am requesting here all the successful sellers on this new version to tell their stories, especially about the no. of orders they are getting each day, whether the customers are returning or not, whether new gigs are getting more orders or the old ones, whether the orders come in everyday or after a specific period, whether they have edited or modified their gigs after the update, whether they changed their keywords , and so on.

I think this way we can come to a conclusion and revive our diminishing business. So guys please help out others with your stories. After all, all hails altruism.

You just have to promote your gigs. Some days I may get one order while other days ten or more may come in for two days straight. The key to selling here is to promote. There is no secret on how to increase your sales. If you had regulars before the update they will still order from you. You just have to keep providing quality work and respond to messages in a timely manner.

Additionally, you only have two gigs. Have you considered adding more?

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Thanks for your tips. I will add more gigs step by step. I am seriously into this business. I have already hired someone to work for me. But the problem is before the update I used to get 4-6 orders a week regularly with a bunch of new buyers. Now this is not happening for me and also for some other sellers. That’s why I am trying to find the reason behind this.

Have your sells been affected by the new update? Though I can see that you are doing very well from your recent deliveries.

I will start to promote my gigs. Considering to buy your blog post gig! :slight_smile:

P.S: I have changed images, keywords, categories; but nothing is helping out to regain my previous status back.

I am wondering what miracle happened to Fiverr just after the update. Do you have any idea?

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What did you mean by that?

Bdw, could you please just give me a psychic reading about my future on fiverr? I think you do it very well.

Reply to @technoaholic: If you check out the alexa, Fiverr had it’s highest peak and biggest fall in May and since has experienced drastically lower traffic, despite the bulk advertising. It’s started to climb slightly but is still occurring in search results nowhere near as often.


That is a point worth considering. But that is not the sole reason for less sales. Fiverr is intentionally trying to promote the new sellers i.e. increase the total no. of sellers. Do they want to complement the no. of buyers with the no. of sellers? While new sellers and TRSs are getting sales, it is only level 2 sellers who are being neglected the most.

Besides, they have also changed their searched algorithms. I have heard of people getting a sudden increase on their sales after a couple of weeks. So what’s going on inside is still worth comprehending.

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Nope, your gigs are great with great reviews and ratings.

I am just sarcastic about my present condition on fiverr.


I had this problem after 3.0. I didn’t notice my lack of orders straight away as I have ongoing orders with regular buyers, but as one order was coming to an end I realised I hadn’t received any orders (or messages) from new buyers in a couple of weeks.

I searched the forum for help and one seller mentioned that Fiverr had suspended their gigs because they used stock imagery. Not assuming anyone on here uses stock imagery, but I had a generic “proofreading” picture for my gig image and I changed this after the lack in orders. I also updated my info, changed some keywords around a little and refreshed my extras.

Not sure if this actually did help, but my orders are back on track again (I actually just became a Level 2 seller!). I think the trick is to keep on top of your gigs and to go over your gig frequently to see if it can be improved or if there are any errors. Promoting is always key, however I do little promoting atm, mainly because I wouldn’t be able to hand much more demand than I’m getting, as I still work full-time as well as working through Fiverr.

Reply to @lunabea:

Hello! Thank you very much for sharing your story with us. And also congratulations on your becoming a Level 2 Seller.

Your story is really ispiring! Nowadays, many sellers are experiencing a dip in their sales. Though most of them don’t know why this is happening to them. This could be a result of many things. Most of us are only guessing. So I have started this thread to figure out what is actually going on underneath. If all the sellers who have gone/are going through the same process share their knowledge on this thread, I hope that will be greatly beneficial to the community.

So after your comment, we know that anyone having less sales these days should know that this is not permanent. He/she can always change his/her situation.

Meanwhile, I am also tweaking and experimenting with my gigs. See what works for me. I will also share this to the community, once my sales revert back to the previous state.

yah even my page views, orders have gone down the drain this past month. I have changed the keywords, pictures, marketing tactics every other day but nothing is working out.

it is so frustrating …

Reply to @safwan:

I can see that you have quite interesting and unique gigs. So the reason behind your reduced sales might be that Fiverr is pushing up each user’s gigs after a certain period of time i.e. after every 3/4 weeks.So I hope your gigs will get exposures very soon. Please keep us updated about your sales.

P.S: I also got my last sale to a new buyer about 3 weeks ago.After that, I didn’t get even a message. However, I have got a message from a new buyer last Thursday.So let’s see what happens this week!