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Urgent suggestion for my Gig?


After loosing my level 2 account i created a new one today.

On this last two month fiverr update their terms many times i think.

So, Can you please let me know everything is alright on my gig or not ?

Note: Video Thumbnail will be changed within 6 hours



Welcome (back) to Fiverr :smile:

For me, as a writer, written communication is everything. Your business will rise and fall and rise again with communication. So basically, my advice is this… try to improve your English. In some places your gig is confusing like with the faq, you have the following question:

“Can we contact outside of Fiverr?” and the answer being “Sorry, I can do that for you”.

Another question in the faq: “Is my website will be mobile responsive?” and the answer being “The all of our website will be 100% responsive for all the devices like ( Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, iPad, etc…)”

But overall, your gig is very detailed and looks good :).

Best of luck!